Cranial Sacral Therapy For Horses


What Is Equine Cranial Sacral Therapy?

Craniosacral History

Cranial sacral therapy for horses originated with osteopath William Sutherland.

Dr John Upledger (one of his followers) further developed cranial osteopathy into CranioSacral Therapy (CST) for humans between the years 1975 to 1983.

Maureen Rogers after studying with Hugh Milne, at the Milne Institute for Human Craniosacral therapy, qualified as a human craniosacral therapist.

Maureen then developed equine craniosacral therapy for horses. Maureen’s Equine CranioSacral workshops are taught worldwide.

What Is CST?

CST is a technique for finding and correcting cerebral and spinal imbalances or blockages that may cause sensory, motor or intellectual dysfunction.

Practitioners are taught that there is a pulse or wave that flows, similar to a heartbeat or the rhythm of breathing.

It uses gentle touch to massage, or palpate the cranial area of the skull, specifically across the synarthrodial joint.

This restore balance realigns the structure of the skeleton and promotes relaxation, with all of its inherent benefits.

It is said to work for both physical and emotional horse issues.

Equine CranioSacral (ECS) Practitioners maintains a list of qualified practitioners both in the UK and worldwide.

Does Cranial Sacral Therapy For Horses Work?

We recommend reading about this subject and forming your own views, given that there is some challenge regarding the efficacy of cranial-sacral therapy for horses.

Also, in light of the above, it is worth investigating other manipulation based therapies such as sports massage, equine bodyworkers and Bowen therapy

Equine Craniosacral Therapist Sites

Cranial Sacral Therapy For horses Site

The following sites for humans may be of interest

CranioSacral Therapy Association UK:

Milne Institute:

The Upledger Institute UK:

Krystyna Monks studied with Maureen Rogers to become a fully qualified Equine Craniosacral practitioner. Krystyna covers Surrey and the Home

Di Letts is a member of CSTA [Craniosacral Therapy Association UK]. Di does home visits throughout Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. She also works in Edinburgh at the Yoga

Lesley Evans a fully qualified Equine-Cranio-Sacral practitioner based in Uffington, Oxfordshire. Lesley is prepared to travel to clients.

Sarah Luck is based in Buckinghamshire and has been treating horses since 2004. Sarah is a registered Craniosacral therapist.

Emma Roberts is a registered McTimoney chiropractor, a trained Equine Bowen Therapist and Equine Craniosacral Therapist. Emma is based in Berkshire but will travel throughout the UK, from the Isles of Scotland to the Channel Isles. Phone: 07770933086

Equine Craniosacral Workshops

Equine CranioSacral Workshops offers the most extensive craniosacral program for horses available internationally. The workshop series is designed to introduce individuals to the craniosacral principles, anatomy, and hands-on applications. The class size is limited for quality instruction and experience.

Students work with their own horse throughout the four days. A significant amount of time is spent practising hands-on techniques with horses.

ECS1 The Foundation Class – April 19th to April 22nd, 2017

ECS2 Equine Unwinding – April 25th to April 28th, 2017

ECS3 – TMJ and the Equine Athlete – Sept 20th to Sept 23rd 2017

ECS6 – Hind Ends, Hooves and Heads – Sept 26th to Sept 30th 2017

Location for ECS1,2,3 & 6: Wrestow Stud, Southam, Warwickshire. All workshop registrations are available via the website at:

A deposit is required at the time of registration. To register or for more information contact:

Phone Niki Poyner: +44 753 8429185

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