The Dandelion ~ Taraxacum officinalis

The Dandelion comes into flower in Spring, bringing forth flowers from April to November. The dandelion is a storehouse of minerals especially iron, copper and potash. Copper being especially important as an activator of zinc in the body. Zinc being necessary for wound healing healing, fertility, and white blood cell production. It also contains more vitamin A and C than most other vegetables and fruit.

Dandelion is a good source of support for the liver (hepatic system) and trace elements, (potassium, magnesium and calcium).

Dandelion should not be fed to mares in foal.

CTraditionally in Spring, the young leaves have been used in salads to stimulate and cleanse the digestive system, the blood and the kidneys. The leaves have a proven reputation in relieving fluid retention whether due to heart oedema or an excess of sodium and therefore can help to relieve high blood pressure.

The high iron content of both leaves and root helps to combat anaemia. The root is used as a liver remedy especially useful in relieving bilious disorders.



Encourage the dandelion to flourish in your pastures; it is non-poisonous and entirely beneficial. A few leaves shredded into a mash feed can only improve your horse’s health.