Aromatherapy for Horses

Aromatherapy for horses has been developed by aromatherapists over the last twenty years. The traditional use of essential oils to promote and maintain balance in all systems of the body, dates back to Egyptian times when oils were used in medicine, embalming and perfumery.

Interesting Animal Aromatherapist Sites

Nayana Morag became interested in Aromatherapy after travelling the world, on her return to the UK, she became a student of Caroline Ingraham.

Paulha is a fully qualified Essential Oil Therapist for Animals (Animal Aromatherapist), trained by the Guild of Essential Oil Therapists for Animals (GEOTA). Pauhla is based on an organic farm near the city of Gloucester.

Animal Aromatherapy is based at

Caroline Ingraham founded the first school of animal aromatherapy in 1995 and is author of Aromatherapy for Horses

Karen Eastham works with clients teaching them how to incorporate the use of essential oils into their daily routine, to feel more relaxed and balanced. Karen teaches the Horse owner / Rider how to use oils to help their relationship with their horse. Phone: 0781 1254175

Training in Using Essential Oils for Animals

Until recent years aromatherapy courses for animals did not exist. Aromatherapists who had trained as therapists for humans started developing their techniques in aromatherapy for animals and horses.

Diploma in Essential Oil Therapy for Animals

This course is available to all animal owners/carers, vets and vet nurses and animal related industries.

A distance learning course with 2 onsite modules held at Healthy Beast, Horsehay Farm, Duns Tew Road, Middle Barton, Oxfordshire, OX7 7DQ

For further information contact Karen Bourdon at Healthy Beast by Phone: 01869 349955 or go to:

Recommended Reading

Essential Oils for Horses ~ By Carole Faith. A source book for owners and practitioners