Equine Body Worker Courses

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Equine body worker courses can be attended by the horse owner, and there are no statutory restrictions as with, for example, equine acupuncture.

What Is Equine Body Work?

Equine Body Workers specialise in a form of sports massage for the horse in work, originally developed in Brazil for competing horses. 

Sports massage is used to maintain physical condition, prevent muscle and ligament injuries, help injury recovery and improve overall performance.

The practitioner massages the skin and soft tissue, and will also enable stretching exercise. To help with this, they will sometimes use a vibrating mat that is placed on the relevant area of the horse.

There is an element of crossover with techniques used in acupressure.

How Does Equine Body Work Help?

similar to humans, massage is great for overall wellbeing, stress reduction and overall relaxation.

It can also be used to treat recovering areas of injury or stresses and strains. Equine body work also helps lymphatic drainage.

Recommended Reading

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Equine Body Workers Therapist’s Sites

AR Equine

Amanda has been featured on BBC Radio Lancashire and BBC Look NorthWest. Since qualifying in 2001as an Equine Body Worker, Amanda has provided Equine Massage Therapy in the Lancashire area. 

Phone: 07811956326 www.horse-massage.co.uk

Woof Neigh Therapy

Christine Hills a qualified Canine and Equine Body Worker, based in South Cambridgeshire. She covers Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Essex.

 Phone: 01954 718097 www.woofneightherapy.co.uk

Liz Harris

Liz Harris works alongside your veterinary surgeon providing Reiki, McTimoney Chiropractic and Sports Massage services. Liz is based in Catterick Village, and travels throughout North Yorkshire, County Durham and Northern England. 

Phone: 07707 653 950 www.lizharris.co.uk

Topline Equestrian

Amy Pakenham has worked in the competitive equine industry for 6 years, she developed a passion for dealing with equine injuries and maintaining the performance health of the horse. 

Phone: 07946785192 www.topline-equine.co.uk

Equine Body Worker Courses

Institute and Qualifications

Nicole Rombach founded the International Equine Body Workers Association in the UK. The associations offer the normal benefits and accreditation of a professional body.

It should be noted that IEBWA is not a regulatory body. Equine body work is currently an unregulated activity.

People interested in equine body work should also look at equine sports massage courses, given the strong overlaps in these subject areas

Training & Courses

The UK and Brazil division of Equinology Inc. presents the full Equine Body Worker courses programme based on the popular Equine Sports Massage Foundation Certification Course. Members of the Equine Body Workers Association are fully qualified graduates, certified by Equinology Inc.

Equine Energy offers two courses:

1) Equine Sports Massage Foundation Certification Course

2) Advanced Equine Sports Massage Techniques

For more details visit www.equinenergy.com, where you can also see online courses.

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