Equine Bowen Therapy

Equine Bowen Therapy

What Is Equine Bowen Therapy?

Thomas Bowen developed this technique in the earlier half of the twentieth century.

Beth Darrall developed Equine Bowen Therapy for horses.

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-intrusive hands-on therapy that stimulates the body’s inner ability to heal itself.

It uses a gentle rolling thumb and finger movement, in a particular order, to enable “connection” between various nervous pathways throughout the body which encourages the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

This re-organisation of the musculature of the body (working on soft tissue) can bring increased energy levels and pain relief.

It is also worth looking at other massage and manipulation techniques such as TTouch, equine sports massage and equine body work.

Before signing up to an expensive course, it is worth reading some background information on the technique

The Bowen Technique for Horses – By Charlotte Maguire cert ECBS, RFCES.

The first book to be written on Equine Bowen Therapy.

Equine Bowen Therapy Practitioners

Lovedayjames is the company name of Ken and Stella James. They specialize in synergistic change technology that incorporates holistic health, therapy and healing for people and horses. They are based in Norton St Philip, Somerset and travel throughout the UK giving seminars and workshops. www.lovedayjames.co.uk

At Rose Farm Equine they specialise in Equine Bowen Technique, Healing Laser Therapy and Equine Rehabilitation. Situated at Rose Farm, Catcott near Bridgwater, Somerset. www.rosefarmequine.co.uk

Teresa Iommi is a qualified Human and Equine Bowen therapist, treating horses In Herts, Beds, Bucks, Essex, Northants, Oxon, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex, Berks, Home Counties and Ireland. www.bowenforhorses.co.uk

Equine Bowen therapist, Andrea Planchant covers the South Wales, Monmouthshire and Forest of Dean areas.www.welshbowentherapy.co.uk

Krystna Monks welcomes you to the home of all things Bowen for humans and horses based in Leatherhead, Surrey. www.bowentherapies.co.uk

Helen Thornton trained in several therapies including sports massage, Bowen therapy, cold laser therapy and manipulation. Helen is based in North Lincs, covering all UK racing yards and competition horses. Phone: 07947623923 or visit www.helenthornton.com

Pennie Clayton offers Bowen Therapy treatment for both horses and dogs. Pennie is also a British Horse Society registered trainer working freelance and specialising in dressage, covering South East London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. www.horseandhoundschool.co.uk

Sheila Bryant is an experienced Human and Equine Bowen therapist. She has a busy practice, treating at her home based clinic in Gloucestershire. Sheila is prepared to travel to treat horses, their riders, grooms and owners. www.healthwithbowen.co.uk

Karen Eastham practises as an Equine Muscle Release Therapist & Natural Horse Handler /Behaviourist. Karen uses draws on her expertise in healing when working with the World Horse Welfare Trust in Blackpool on a regular basis. Phone: 0781 1254175 www.connectionthroughhorses.co.uk

Training as a Therapist

The European School of Equine Bowen Therapy.

The school is run by Beth Darrell and offers courses whilst maintaining a register of equine bowen practitioners www.equinebowentherapy.com

Rose Farm College of Equine Studies offers a complete Equine Bowen Therapy course with qualified Equine Bowen therapist Lottery Merry. For more information: www.rosefarmequine.co.uk

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