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What Does An Equine Chiropractor Do?

An equine chiropractor will focus on manipulation of the spine.

This will involve small but high-speed impacts which will stimulate the joints and reflex actions, to deal with any neurological dysfunction of the spinal cord

Manipulation will also address the spinal nerve roots caused by partial dislocation (subluxations) of the vertebral column.

What Is A McTimoney Horse Chiropractor?

McTimoney physical therapy is for the treatment of back pain, arthritis, musculoskeletal injury, gait abnormalities, loss of performance and changes in performance.

This approach was originally developed by John McTimoney, hence the name

Their approach is similar to that of a “normal” equine chiropractor, however, the manipulation used is very gentle, and does not rely on the “impact” approach described above. There is less robust contact between horse and therapist.

The McTimoney Chiropractic Association offices are in Wallingford, South Oxfordshire. Contact by phone: 01491 829211, or go to www.mctimoney-chiropractic.org

Difference Between Horse Chiropractor and McTimoney Chiropractor

Horse ChiropractorMcTimoney Chiropractor
Strong physical contact with the patientGentle manipulation
Wider techniques practisedLimited to McTimoney technique
Theory studied similarTheory studied similar
Required vet permission to treatRequired vet permission to treat


Chiropractors are allowed to treat horses once they have been seen by a vet, who is the primary carer. the British Veterinary Chiropractic Association only grants membership to qualified vets.

A practitioner can only call themselves “Chiropractor” if they are a member of the General Chiropractic Council (GCC)

This involves first studying as a human chiropractor and then specialising in animals, specifically horses in this case.

The GCC recognises The McTimoney Chiropractic Association (MCA), which is the regulatory body in the UK that awards a post-grad diploma in animal manipulation.

How Do You Become A McTimoney Chiropractor?

The MCA offers two routes to become a McTimoney chiropractor:

  • Four year study package for those beginning their studies direct from A levels
  • Five year study package which is more flexible for adult learners

For prospectus requests and course-based enquiries, please contact the College’s Course Office & Registry via email: courseoffice@mctimoney-college.ac.uk.

The McTimoney Trust offers courses which can be found here: mctimoneytrust.org

As always, it is worth reading around the subject before committing to expensive courses

It is also worth looking at other manipulation and massage style techniques, such as Acupressure, Bowen Therapy and Equine Body Work.

Practitioner Sites

Below are some sites for equine chiropractors:

Anna Hindley will treat your horse or dog in the convenience of their home. Please contact her direct for an appointment in the Staffordshire area. Phone: 07811133170 www.equilibriumchiropractic.co.uk

As a fully qualified McTimoney Chiropractor, nearly all of Gill’s patients are either horses or dogs. Her work covers most of Kent, Surrey and Sussex. To make an appointment phone: 01737 646151  www.gillmaybury.co.uk

Based in County Down, N.Ireland, the Centre of Equine Therapy offers Chiropractic advice Phone: 2892690056  www.equinenaturaltherapy.co.uk

Chris Day, holistic vet offers chiropractic manipulations for animals, at the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre, Oxfordshire. Phone: 01367 710324 www.alternativevet.org

Martine Stiles works from her clinic in Newbury, Berkshire but will travel. Martine offers McTimoney for humans, horses and dogs. Phone: 07810433701 For more information visit: www.backinline.co.uk

Liz Harris based in Richmond, travels throughout North Yorkshire, County Durham and Northern England, Liz specialises in a variety of animal therapies – including McTimoney Therapy. Phone: 07707653950  www.lizharris.co.uk

Emma Roberts has over 17 years experience treating both humans and animals. Emma is a registered McTimoney chiropractor, a trained Equine Bowen Therapist and Equine Craniosacral Therapist. Based in Berkshire but will travel throughout the UK, from the Isles of Scotland to the Channel Isles. Phone: 07770933086 www.equinefysio.co.uk

Serena Bower after gaining a MSC degree from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, offers McTimoney spinal therapy and massage treatment for large and small animals within Dorset and the surrounding counties. www.mctimoneyforanimals.co.uk

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