Equine Flower Essences


Dr Bach MD pioneered the use of flower essences as homeopathic type remedies to treat the emotions. Many ills have an emotional root cause. Since Bach’s time other flower essences have been developed. Today, we have Australian, Californian & African flower essences all based on the same homeopathic principles.

The Bach Centre

Based at Mount Vernon, the home and workplace of Dr Edward Bach during the years when he completed research into his flower remedy system. “When we have given freedom to every creature, everything around us, then we are free ourselves ” – Dr Edward Bach, 1932

Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioners (BFRAPs) are specially trained to look at the behaviour of animals and use this to identify how animals feel, so as to make accurate remedy choices. www.bachcentre.com/centre/bfrani.htm

Therapist’s Sites

Sarah Dakin is an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner and therefore not only uses Bach flower essences but is proficient in the use of essences from all over the world such as Alaskan and Californian Essences. Sarah also is also qualified as a practitioner in Reiki and Shiatsu. To read more about Sarah go to: www.horse-harmony.co.uk

Pat Ki has been riding since 1949, teaching since 1959 and practising complementary therapies professionally since 1991 . Pat teaches aromatherapy, equine massage and bach flower essences. To contact Pat go to: www.patkitherapy.co.uk

Roxanne Brown became interested in healing after breaking her back in 2008. After this life-changing event Roxanne studied Bach Flower remedies & Reiki. She is based on the West/East Sussex border and has weekly visits to Kent, Hants and Surrey. Phone: 07961708319 www.holisticconsultant.co.uk

Articles on Healing with Flower Essences

The Flower Society, an organisation promoting the use of flower essences for human and animal health has some interesting articles online, go to: http://www.flowersociety.org/Animals.htm#horses


Bach Remedies Home Study for Owners

Bach Remedies for You and Your Horse Home Study Course 10 lessons, 2 books, 40 illustrations £195.

Topics covered: Dr. Bach- his life and discoveries; Nosodes; PNI; Dosage; Treating acute and chronic conditions; Rescue Remedy/Rescue Remedy Cream; A detailed profile of each remedy; Examples of relevant human and animal conditions; Case histories.

You work through each of 10 lessons with two reference books and some additional material. Pat Ki supplies the books and plant pictures which you keep. You receive a certificate on completion. (Books and pictures are worth £40.00+).

Go to: www.patkitherapy.co.uk for an application form to book the course

Recommended Reading

Bach Flower Remedies for Horses & Riders – By Martin J. Scott

Emotional Healing for Horses & Ponies (using Bach remedies) – By Stefan Ball




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