Equine Homeopathy

The principle behind equine homeopathy is that of treating like symptoms with like remedy.

The remedy if given undiluted in full strength would bring about those symptoms of ill health in a healthy animal/human. 

Homoeopathic remedies are heavily diluted many times in various strengths, only traces of the original mother tincture are left in the final dilution. These medicines are often called “vibrational medicines” for this reason.

British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons – www.bahvs.com

Equine Homeopathy Sites

Graham Goodrich MRCVS, veterinary surgeon uses acupuncture and homeopathy in his treatments. Graham takes referrals from other vets in the South East and is based at Morrisons Veterinary Clinic. www.morrisonsveterinaryclinic.co.uk

Holisticvet (Nick Thompson) is a veterinary consultancy based in Bath, North Somerset, offering homeopathy, acupuncture and nutritional advice for horses. wwww.holisticvet.co.uk

Chris Day MRCVS, an holistic vet practising alternative therapies including acupuncture and homeopathy, based in Oxfordshire. www.alternativevet.org

Recommended Reading

The Treatment of Horses by Homeopathy~By George Macleod MRCVS, DVSM,VetFFHom

Homeopathy for Horses ~ By Tim Couzens MRCVS, VetFFHom

Homeopathy for My Horse A basic guide for the horse owner on using homeopathy for common ailments written by a German vet~ By Claudia Naujoks

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