Magnetic Therapy for Horses

Magnotherapy for Horses

Equine magnotherapy is the application of magnetic fields (magnets), as an aid to maintaining health and assisting the natural healing system. Pain is alleviated, especially in conditions suffering from a lack of circulation with a reduced supply of nutrition and oxygen.

How do Magnets Work?

Magnets work by increasing blood flow around the body helping to promote healing and speed up the recovery process. They are also used to relax your horse’s muscles prior to work and after cooling down to prevent injuries.

Therapists and Equipment

Just Magnotherapy Plus is a UK-based family business selling magnotherapy and health products. For more information go to:

At Equimagnets they have a passion for natural health, they have sourced and personally tested all their products and therefore can recommend them first hand! Specialists in Magnetic Therapy For Horses since 1996. Visit the website:

Equine Magnetix specialises in magnetic therapy products for horses. They provide a full range of magnetic rugs and boots in various colours. For further information visit their website.

Based in Cheshire, Romo Biopulse started with magnetic collars for racing Greyhounds, then they introduced Pulsed Electromagnotherapy by Dr. David Somerville-Laycock, an acknowledged World expert in this field. They also received help and advice from Dr. Ellen Singer of Leahurst, the Equine Hospital, part of Liverpool University. To read more visit:


Bioflow Boots

A really good way of using magnotherapty for horses is to use horse  boots containing magnets. Bioflow boots use neoprene, which is a great material for ordinary riding boots, as it is quite tough an weather-proof. 13 of 13 Amazon customers give this product a five star review.

Bioflow uses multi-directional magnetism. When blood flows beneath this magnetic field, the cells are agitated which provides a beneficial effect to horses.


Recommended Reading

The New Equine Sports Therapy ~ Mimi Porter

Covers Magnotherapy, Ultrasound and Laser Therapy

Naturopathy for Horses ~ By Gerd Emich (Out of print but 2nd hand copies are available)

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