Equine Radionic Healers


The origins of radionics are attributed to a distinguished American physician Dr Albert Abrams (1863 -1924). It is a technique of healing that harnesses our natural ESP faculties, to discover the energetic disturbances underlying pathology, and to encourage the reappearance of a normal energetic field that supports health.

Association & list of members: www.radionic.co.uk

Equine Radionic Healers

Chrissie Mason is an experienced radionic healer and nutritional therapist for both dogs and horses. www.horsehealthmatters.co.uk


Go to the Radionics website for information on becoming a practitioner. www.radionic.co.uk

Recommended Reading

Horizons in Radionics, Energy Medicine for the 21st Century ~ Edited by Tony Scofield. N.B. 2 chapters are devoted to equine radionics ~ by Galea Parsons

Hands of Light ~ By Barbara Ann Brennan

Radionics and Horses ~ By Galea Parsons FRADA

A fellowship thesis submitted to the Radionic Association, Summer 2004. 91 pages, 18 colour illustrations (A4 laminated soft cover ring bound)

This thesis contributes significantly to the understanding and practice of Radionics in the treatment of horses and takes a comprehensive look at aspects such as the evolutionary development of the horse through to interesting case histories. Sections include:

The role of evolution and instinct in the horse, as a vehicle to understand the psychological and physiological problems that can occur when horses are asked to live and work in a way that may be contrary to their basic desires and underlying instincts

An analysis of the horse as a domesticated, non-ruminant herbivore and the physical differences that influence radionic treatment

A detailed study of the subtle anatomy and subtle energies that affect the horse, including the role of the rays

A look at some possibilities for treatment of cranial nerves, introducing a combination of treatments derived from combining the work of Ruth Drown and Dinshah

The use of Base 12 rates and the possible resonance of 11 and 12 as treatment rates

A selection of case studies, with specific emphasis on the interpretation of the subtle energy readings

Cost £25.00. Only available from the Radionics Association

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