Equine Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure”. It is a practical everyday hands on therapy based on the same principles as acupuncture and acupressure. Equine Shiatsu uses a pressure that gently stimulates the body’s natural healing ability.

To find a shiatsu therapist in your area go to: www.equineshiatsu.org

Qualified Equine Shiatsu Therapists & Associated Schools

Liz Eddy trained with the late Pamela Hannay, senior instructor at the Ohashi Institute in New York and pioneer of equine shiatsu. Liz established The Scottish School of Shiatsu for Horses in 2001. For more information phone: 07717174444 www.horses-shiatsu.com

Hands on Horses maintain a directory of qualified therapists in the UK. www.hands-on-horses.co.uk

Sue Hix is a founder member of the Equine Shiatsu Association. Sue can be contacted at The Rosewell Shiatsu Centre for appointments and treatments. Shiatsu classes are also run from the centre. Phone: 01780410072 

Gaynor Ranshaw a member of the Equine Shiatsu Association offers Shiatsu treatments at her own stables on the Solway Coast or can travel to the horse’s own yard. She works throughout Dumfries & Galloway, Cumbria, Northumberland & Southern Scotland. Phone: 01387 880372 www.equestrianshiatsu.co.uk

The Scottish School of Shiatsu based in Ayrshire offers clinical appointments. These appointments are conducted by senior students and overseen by a senior shiatsu teacher. There is a nominal charge of £10. Phone: 01505682889 www.glasgowshiatsu.co.uk

The school is based in Sussex and can put you in touch with a qualified therapist. Phone: 01903814860 www.schoolofequineshiatsu.com

Training as a Therapist

The Scottish School of Shiatsu for Horses

Liz Eddy presents basic introductory shiatsu over weekends, progressing through the various stages to practitioner level.

For more information go to: www.horses-shiatsu.com

Phase-1: ‘Making Contact’ made up of 2 courses over 10 months.

Phase-2: ‘Developing Feel ‘made up of 20 study days in 2-day & 3-day blocks.

Phase-3: ‘Finishing Touches’ made up of 20 study days in 2-day & 3-day blocks.

For more information on these courses go to: www.hands-on-horses.co.uk

The School of Equine Shiatsu

Foundation Course: 3 day course in Spring each year, usually a Friday through to Sunday.

2 year Diploma Course: Starts in September each year, followed by monthly attendance until June the following year. Jill Blake’s workbook – “Equine Shiatsu – the journey starts here” – forms the basis of the course and students will receive a free copy of this on commencement of the course as well as a year’s student membership of the Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA).

For more information on these courses go to: schoolofequineshiatsu.com

Recommended Reading

Shiatsu Therapy for Horses ~ By Pamela Hannay

Fourteen Classical Meridians for Equine Energy Work ~ By Sue Hix

Shiatsu for Your Horse: Enhance Your Horse’s Wellbeing ~ By Cathy Tindall

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