Herb Usage

Using Herbs for Horses

This section provides informative articles on the practical use of herbs, fruit and botanicals to improve horse health.

We receive numerous letters and emails requesting more information, on the use of common herbs in the horse diet. 

The articles have been written to provide our readers with the correct information on horse herbs. In recent years, we have seen the promotion of some herbs as virtual cure all’s, Echinacea and Aloe Vera being two prime examples. 

The public are encouraged to buy these herbs by mass marketing and hype, only to be disappointed by the results. The correct use of the appropriate herb will benefit the horse every time.

Unfortunately, there are products on the market for which no research or trial has been done, formulated by unqualified herbalists, these products can damage your horse’s health. For example, you can read about the inappropriate use of Saint John’s Wort for a mare and the dangerous inclusion of Black Walnut in a wormer, in the blog.

This brings us back to the old truth that not all herbs used by humans are suitable for horses. Only research and knowledge can tell the difference between herbs for horses and herbs for humans.

So, if you are unsure about the which herbs are appropriate for your horses condition, and in what volumes they should be administered, we have collated and reviewed a number of commercially available horse supplements.

If you are harvesting wild herbs then a good botanical book such as Cassells Wild Flowers, is essential to correctly identify species.

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