Hoof Health

There are multiple minor ailments that horses can suffer from with their feet including grass cracks, sand cracks, overreach injuries, mud fever and thrush which are just are a few of the commonest offenders. Many of these can be managed through a combination of thorough horsemanship, some basic first aid knowledge, dietary supplementation and regular, consistent attention from a qualified farrier or foot trimmer.

  • Stable management – daily picking out of feet, an opportunity to remove stones and debris, check the shoe if present and spot any minor issues before they become too entrenched
  • A simple First Aid kit can deal with minor injuries in the heel area and should contain an iodine spray which is perfect for outbreaks of thrush and a topical hoof conditioner to promote strong and flexible horn growth. Also present should be a good, branded poultice which can help draw out infection in the event of an abscess
  • Dietary supplements provide the ultimate influence and support for hooves which need some TLC. Horn growth takes between 9-12 months from the coronary band so patience and persistence is necessary
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