Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship - training

What Is Natural Horsemanship?

This is horsemanship, using the minimal equipment, based on building your relationship with your horse, to overcome behavioural and emotional problems. Tuning in to your horse’s emotional wavelength.

This, however, means different things to different people. A good place to start is by reading books by the incredibly gifted Mark Rashid.

Mark uses his observations of horses behaviour in the wild, together with an approach that is very much “from the horses’ point of view” to calm anxious animals and quickly create an amazing bond.

Therapist’s Sites

Chris Brisbane studied with renowned horse whisperers Pat Pirelli, John Lyons, Ray Hunt and Buck Branaman. Chris is able help you with your horse’s behavioural and emotional problems. Phone: 07790145796 or 07703462120

Visit the site for a list of accredited coaches and areas they cover. Some coaches will work outside their counties on a regular basis, or run clinics that you can travel to with your horse.

Caring Horsemanship is a family business run by Peter, Penny and Jo Hill, all of whom have a lifetime’s experience with horses; owning, competing, and breeding. Based at Okehampton, Devon. Phone: 01647231636 www.caringhorsemanship

Dorothy Marks is an Accredited Mary Wanless RWYM Coach. Dorothy has also trained in several other equine therapies and has a wealth of knowledge to share. www.the

Pipp Unwin has been involved with horses for over thirty years. Pipp has developed her own natural method of horse training, that comes from the desire to enable owners and riders to “become one”. Based in Wellington, Somerset. Mobile: 07854940682

Lisa Bruin has trained and spent time with Ray Hunt, Leslie Desmond, Phil Rodey, Philip Nye & Steve Halfpenny. Lisa offers all types of help from private lessons to multi day clinics from her base in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Phone: 01484603907 or Mobile: 07789990129

Sun Tui has trained with Sue Gardner and Mandy Clayton to hone her skills at Natural Horsemanship and equine behaviour. As director, senior facilitator and trainer at IFEAL, Sun Tui runs various natural horsemanship workshops throughout the year. Her herd lives as close as possible to the wild horse blueprint. Sun Tui is based in Hartfield on the borders of Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Phone: 01342 850330 or visit

Training in Natural Horsemanship:

Mary Wanless holds demonstrations around the UK of ‘The Ride With Your Mind’ approach to natural horsemanship during the summer months. Anna Gordon continues the program during the winter.

Chris Brisbane invites you and your horse to his Natural Horsemanship Clinics. Private clinics can also be arranged for 2 to 10 people and horses at your yard.

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