The Guide to Equine Therapies

Our guide to equine therapists working in the UK has continued to grow since its humble beginnings in July 2003. Due to the interest shown by horse owners and equine therapists, the Equine Therapists section has been enlarged to provide a page for each equine complementary health therapy.

Over the last ten years, we have witnessed an amazing growth in complementary therapy for horses. The associations of the various equine practitioners have grown in membership, as more people do courses and become fully qualified equine practitioners. There is growing recognition and respect for the equine therapist.

Time has shown that the therapies have beneficial health effects for the horse based on tried and proven methods. Complementary health therapy for horses is no longer scorned by veterinarians, many veterinary practices now offer and recommend equine therapies. Vets themselves, have taken on studies in complementary therapy for horses.

The information provided in our guide to equine therapists, includes the background, recognised association, member sites, training courses and recommended reading. The information on each equine complementary/remedial health therapy points the reader to recognised associations and qualified therapists or practitioners. The suggested training courses are run by reputable associations providing recognised qualifications with a register of qualified, insured practitioners. This protects the public from opportunists passing themselves off as therapists.

There are some cases, such as magnotherapy and low level laser (LLLT, or red light) therapy where is is reasonable for the amateur to apply these therapies safely, as long as equipment manufactures recommendations are follows. Where possible we will give information about these type of products.

We have continued to add original content and articles unique to Equine Natural Health. How often have you been frustrated by search results that contain exactly the same article? Articles syndicated to hundreds of web sites merely to provide links back to poor quality sites? You will find our content to refreshingly informative and original.

Our recommended books have been carefully chosen by our therapists to provide a valuable source of information for the horse owner, with an interest in using alternative health therapies, to improve their horse’s health. They are not intended to replace treatment but merely to provide information and understanding of your horse’s health problems.

The Guide to Equine Therapists in the UK has been made possible by the energy, enthusiasm and support of all the equine complementary therapists and their associations, in partnership with Equine Natural Health.

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